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SAP HANA Cloud Platform By AFE

SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Experience seamless integration of your business applications with SAP HANA cloud platform. Leverage the humungous speed and scalability offered by SAP HANA to build business applications for favorable outcomes.

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Sierra™ Digital Inc Reinvented Integrated AFE Solution - Powered By SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)

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Business Problem


The major pain point within the current AFE processes is the cycle time to receive, review and approve an Authorization for Expenditure (AFE).

The key business challenge areas are

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  • Budget Creation
  • Document Management
  • Change Tracking
  • Accounting and Compliance
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Our Integrated Solutions


Our 14 years of industry expertise enabled us to develop an integrated AFE solution to streamline an end-to-end AFE process. With the power of SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), our solution enables real-time monitoring of daily activities and budget overrun, and also our integrated solutions provides several details about AFE’s in a dashboard, including

  • AFE’s that are in target for review and approve
  • AFE’s which are over spend
  • AFE’s which are in danger zone for an over spend
  • AFE’s are recently approved
  • AFE’s are due soon for review
  • AFE’s that’s required for re-approval


Our solution has a built in security functionality for better controlling of expenditure with different level of approvals

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Our Integrated Solution Architecture


  • Our integrated AFE Solution has been developed on top of SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), using SAP FIORI our solution provides a common user interface to access all different applications and systems that’s are involved in an AFE process.
  • With the power of SAP Lumira and SAP HCP, we have developed pre-built AFE dashboards and AFE comparitive analysis reports to analyze data in real-time across different systems.

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Integrated Solution Architecture

Business Benefits


Significantly Reduces AFE Cycle Time

  • Eliminates cost and gains deeper visibility in AFE
  • No risk, low cost and high returns
  • Readily deployable hosted solutions
  • Using combination of SAP’s best practices and our proven methodology to accelerate implementation, low risk and cost
  • Business can realize their future state from day one
  • Reference architecture
  • Predefined data model, views, and functions
  • Easy to customize and adopt business changes
  • Support for future software upgrades/patches
  • Flexible deployment plan and rollout strategy
  • Wide range of engagements within SAP and the SAP ecosystem to keep abreast of latest tools and technologies

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Integrated Streamlined Daily AFE Process

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SAP HANA cloud platform

Our Implementation Approach


  • Our approach to AFE starts with business alignment and the it focuses on impact analysis and current state and the future state solutions.
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