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Cloud Testing

Cloud Testing

Digital transformation is driving organizations to increase the use of Cloud-based applications delivered as a service (SaaS) to perform faster and reduce time-to-market. Cloud-based technologies are causing specific challenges for QA and testing function. Testing integration of services across local platforms, private Clouds and public Clouds is ranked as priority digital implementation challenge.

Cloud testing services at Sierra Digital Inc focus on testing of end-to-end workflows and the orchestration of data and services.

Key Features

  • Cloud Migration Testing, where applications are moved from “Cloud to Cloud” (e.g., Rackspace to Amazon) or “physical systems to Cloud. ”This includes functional testing, regression testing, performance testing, availability testing, multi-tenancy testing, disaster recovery testing, and security testing.
  • Testing of Enterprise Systems with Multiple Cloud Products (e.g., Cloud API from GDS to SABRE/AMADEUS, Payment API to WORLDPAY). This includes interoperability testing, integration testing, regression testing, business process testing, performance testing, and security testing.
  • Functional Testing of Applications with Infrastructure/Devices in Cloud (e.g., mobile devices accessed over Cloud, test environment in Cloud) for high availability and scalability.
  • Multi-location Performance Testing of Application over Cloud as per real-world user traffic.

The Sierra Digital Inc Advantage

  • Ready-to-use testing toolkits comprising specialized tools, test design techniques like orthogonal array, risk-based testing framework, utilities, templates, accelerators, methodologies, process handbooks, reference architecture, and models for migration that ensure cost optimization and high quality
  • On-demand Microsoft Azure-enabled In-house Cloud infrastructure and Non-Functional Requirement (NFR) testing tools lab for flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and access to specialists. Infrastructure can be used for performance testing, availability testing, and multi-tenancy testing
  • Strategic partnerships with Cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon and Microsoft Azure to ensure your applications on Cloud are certified for Cloud-readiness.
  • Functional and load testing service capability delivered at service provider’s testing facilities through a pay-per-use or on-demand model

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