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Data Visualization


Sierra™ Digital Inc defines Data Visualization  as a visual data science, and it is an art and a science unto itself, and there are visual techniques that can be used to help business to understand the story of business data.

We characteristics visual data sciences as

  • Data Provisioning
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Governance
  • Data management
  • Data mining
  • Data transforms
  • Data visualization

Our Data Visualization Techniques

  • Charts: bar or pie
  • Graphs: good for structure, relationships
  • Plots: 1- to n-dimensional
  • Maps: one of most effective
  • Images: use color/intensity instead of distance (surfaces)
  • 3-D surfaces and solids
  • Slices
  • Translucency
  • Stereopsis
  • Animation

Our Data Visualization Approach

Our Differentiators

  • Data Visualization Reference architecture
  • We have readily deployable Data Visualization model on Cloud
  • Using combination of SAP’s best practices and our proven methodology to accelerate implementation, low risk and cost
  • Business can realize their future state from day one our engagements
  • Predefined data model, views, and functions
  • Easy to customize and adopt business changes
  • Support for future software upgrades/patches
  • Flexible deployment plan and rollout strategy
  • Wide range of engagements within SAP and the SAP ecosystem to keep abreast of latest tools and technologies
Our visual data discovery approach is a self-service, in-memory analysis that enable business users to access and analyze data visually at the speed of thought, with minimal or no IT assistance, and then share the results of their discoveries with colleagues. Our visual discovery techniques is evolving quickly and there are several things you should consider before adopt any data visualization techniques.

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