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Health Care & Life Sciences

Sierra brings in rich and proven experience in addressing the business analytics needs for Health Care and Life Sciences which enables the below analytic analysis…Click Here

Oil & Gas

Sierra being in Houston, TX is closely working with many Oil and Gas companies for several years now. We did understand that O & G market changes quite often as all other industries do quite often. With our deep expertise across Oil and Gas industry…Click Here


Power & Utility

Sierra can assist your management team in addressing these concerns effectively. Our focus on generating cash from operations enables organizations to free investment for growth opportunities through improvements in supply chain and inventory management.

Public Sector

We are MBE certified in many states in the US and have been offering enterprise resource planning solutions directly to public sector agencies including; federal, state, counties, local agencies, universities and higher education (K-12), as well as government prime contractors and sub-contractors. Our ERP offerings include SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Sybase and other Microsoft technologies.



Sierra team of experts has addressed the performance issues in execution of analytical reports which reside due to the huge volumes of day to day data. Sierra BI (Centre of Excellence) Team of Big Data Analytics will be examining client systems in recommending a custom tailored project for optimizing the analytical report execution