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Qualtrics Driven CXM

The Business Challenge

It’s tough to find a single tool that provides real-time assessment, analytics, and insights about current programs in order to improve them on the spot.

The Qualtrics XM Platform is an outstanding tool for helping a company monitor the health and vitality of products and brands; plus the relationship health between an organization and and its employees, or its customers.

Organizations who want to realize the full benefit of Qualtrics XM Research may not have enough time or expertise to get all they’d like out of the platform.

What Differentiates OhZone

OhZone provides the ability to view multiple projects through a single dashboard. The dashboard helps to pinpoint problem areas in each program. The instant access to concerned areas provide actionable outcomes. The data driven reporting of the OhZone tool helps in finalizing the vision/strategy of the organization, based on opinions from the teams, departments and stakeholders. OhZone helps you to prepare a Master Data Governance strategy and prepare Gap analysis in current infrastructure, security and business processes. The tool helps to identify the areas for innovation based on feedback from employees.

  • Full QPN Partner: Sierra Digital is a Certified Network Partner of Qualtrics, and a Gold Partner of their parent company SAP.
  • Simple & Compact: OhZone helps in defining the priorities in strategy, management & multiple programs through a single dashboard, provide real-time reporting and predictive analysis all the way to blueprint development.
  • Expert Researchers & Analysts Available: OhZone Managed Services are staffed by data and analytics teams experienced in Qualitative and Quantitative Research.

Key Benefits

OhZone from Sierra Digital offers clients the ability to :

  • Build IT Strategy and Prioritization and Gap Analysis for future strategy
  • Insight into ongoing program and instant access to remediate issues
  • Research Survey Planning & Management
  • Master Data Governance
  • Research Study Analytics & Reporting

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