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Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Enterprises today are facing a tremendous challenge in implementing frequent business changes while trying to maintain platform stability. Ever shrinking time-to-market is putting additional pressure on testing coverage-impacting platform uptime and customer experience. Optimal and prioritized regression testing, focusing both on the change as well as the unchanged functionality, can help in addressing risks, and minimizing testing costs and cycle time.

Regression testing services at Sierra Digital Inc leverage the capabilities of industry-standard testing tools, in-house test accelerators and frameworks and best practices to analyze the impact of change and the likelihood of failure. This helps in creating an optimized regression test bucket and prioritizing test execution to reduce test cycle time.

Key Features

  • Manual Functional Regression: For every change, regression test beds need to be kept in line and relevant to ensure adequate coverage. This also involves use of appropriate test management tools for test case versioning, defect management and accurate dashboard reporting to the stakeholders.
  • Automated Functional Regression: There is a continuous need to execute the regression test cases after every build development. Developing and maintaining automated regression test cases can help plan, schedule, and execute beyond the working hours.
  • Automated Non-functional Regression: Key non-functional aspects like performance, security, and platform compatibility are carried out as part of automated regression testing to check for reliability, vulnerabilities, and compliance to latest standards.

The Sierra Digital Inc Advantage

  • Risk-based testing framework for optimal test coverage
  • Reliable, reusable and robust regression test beds
  • Skilled manual and automation testing specialists and domain experts

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