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SAP CLM – Contract and Lease Management /REFX

Contract & Lease Management/REFX

Sierra™ Digital Inc is not just anyone among the crowd; it is The Leader in SAP Contract & Lease Management/REFX. Sierra’s Contract & Lease Management/REFX takes a strategic analysis to each and every step. With business and technology together we move much faster. You grow! We help you Grow. Power and speed you need at the cost you can afford. Here we take the more Automatic and Standardized way. Technology at its best and we customize it for your ease. Sierra™ drastically increases your level of Efficiency. With a way to Enormous control and greater visibility, we lay a way for your success. No matter how Big it is, we are gonna make it simpler for you!

Things are changing day by day and we take you through the best possible change.

Don’t just compromise, be a part of World Class Contract & Lease Management/REFX with Sierra!™  Get ready to be amazed by the Performance!

  • Automate sourcing and procurement contract processes – and improve governance
  • Host auctions to create competitive bidding scenarios
  • Author contracts using standard clauses and templates – and store them in a central repository
  • Improve contract compliance and realize savings by integrating with backend systems
  • Meet unique business requirements and speed user adoption with powerful configuration features
  • Choose a deployment option that meets your needs – on-premise or hosted with an SAP-certified partner

Solution Scope

Implementation Methodology

Data Management

Reporting & Analytics

Our Solution Scope

We bring business and technology together for faster deployment


  • Strategic sourcing
  • Contract management
  • Integration
  • Configuration
  • Project management

Our solution has been developed on SAP HANA platform and in-memory data processing architecture. Our solution is highly scalable and it processes a large amount of lease data with individual field level data validation and error reporting functionality.


  • Standard integration with SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) and SAP SRM
  • Ability to extend the applications using custom fields and custom field collections
  • Configurable user interface (UI) pages: Hide, position, and re-label fields, make certain fields required – and add pre-, post-, and hover-over text
  • Exporting or importing data

Data Management

Our solution transforms current state decentralized leasing data into a centralized leasing structure without losing data accuracy, data integrity, and data completeness.

Our Solution Scope

  • As an out of the box function, the solution supports different lease data sources, legacy leasing systems, and leasing process. The solution has built-in data integration and dynamic data mapping rules to map data across different sources at an individual data field level.
  • The solution has out of the box built-in interface to SLAN, SAP, legacy leasing systems, big four leasing tools, excel file, text files and others systems to extract necessary master data and lease data to create a valid SLAN compatible contract templates.

Reporting & Analytics

Pre-built centralized reporting and unified advanced analytics solution on one single platform at a global scale

Pre-built Reports

  • Disclosure Reporting
  • Financial Reconciliation
  • Audit Reporting
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Spend Reporting
  • Accounting Transition Reporting
  • Contract Statistics
  • Lease vs. Buy
  • Lease Forecast
  • Asset Depreciation
  • Asset Capitalization

Our Proven Project Approach

To avoid any potential risk and also to manage the project more effectively, we would approach the CLM implementation in a phased manner. In this phased approach, we wanted to start with Key Milestone One and then followed by the others.

  • Our SAP CLM implementation timeline will be driven base on the scope of the project.
  • A separate detailed project plan will be provided during the implementation but here is our typical timeline to implement Sierra’s customized CLM solution.

Sierra in SAC Business Content

Our CLM content is now available as a Business Content for any customer who has SAC license.

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