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SAP Hybris Billing,Tolling,Telecom & Transport

SAP Hybris Billing

SAP Hybris Billing grants you the agility and scale you need to embrace change, so you can innovate your business to deliver a better customer experience and find new revenue streams. Available for both B2C and B2B companies as either a full, end-to-end solution for adding new customers and subscribers with appropriate bundles and pricing plans, or billing and invoicing solution components. Our SAP Hybris billing solution offers full transparency of all transactions and supports local and international accounting needs from small businesses to large enterprises.

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Business Benefits

  • Greater growth in market share through reduced time to market for customer-centric offers
  • Reduced customer support calls and improve customer retention with simplified, transparent invoicing
  • Lower days sales outstanding (DSO) thanks to automated rules for exceptions and treatment in collections
  • Lower operational costs for billing and collections with optimized collections and dispute handling, meaning Accounts Receivable agents intervene in exceptional cases only
  • Greater financial transparency and compliance with full end-to-end traceability of all transactions

Systems Involved

  • SAP Hybris Commerce – (Account, Contract & Subscription Order
  • SAP Hybris Billing (CM) – (Mediation & Receiving Charges)
  • SAP Hybris Billing (CC) – (Generating Chargeable/Billable Item)
  • S/4 HANA (CI) – (Generating Billing/Invoicing)
  • S/4 HANA (FICA) – (Financial Postings)
SAP Hybris Dada flow

SAP Hybris Billing – Major Functionalities

  • Inventory Management
  • Account & Contract Management
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing & Campaign
  • Pre-Paid Account Deposit Collection & Recharging
  • Usage, Processing & Rate Calculation
  • Identifying Violators & Sending Violation Notices
  • Processing Disputes & Sending Hearing Notices
  • Complaint & Case Management
  • Collections & Settlement
  • Billing & Invoice
  • Financial Postings

SAP Hybris Billing – Core Modules

The Convergent Charging business scenario is included in the end-to-end scenario of Consume-To-Cash business process. This scenario provides the following implementable steps:

  • Subscription Order Management (SOM)
  • Convergent Mediation (CM)
  • Convergent Charging (CC)
  • Convergent Invoicing (CI)
  • Receivables Management and Payment Handling
  • Credit and Collections Management
  • Financial Customer Care and Dispute Management

SAP Hybris Billing – Convergent Charging

SAP Convergent Charging provides an offline and an online charging solution for high-volume processing in service industries. SAP CC delivers pricing design capabilities, high-performance rating and convergent balance management.

Capable of operating in real-time and in batch mode, it includes hybrid prepaid/postpaid charging capabilities, unrivaled marketing agility for service pricing implementation, carrier-grade scalable performance, and high availability.

The following industries/businesses may need a convergent charging solution:

  • Banking
  • High-Tech – Digital Content Monetization & App Stores
  • Logistics and Postal Services – Bill to Cash Management
  • Media – Consume-to-Cash for e-commerce content
  • Financial Services – Service to Cash pricing
  • Public Sector
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport
  • Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)
  • Utilities

SAP Hybris Billing – Convergent Invoicing

With the SAP® Convergent Invoicing package, you can consolidate multiple high- volume billing streams onto one invoice with a single accounting document for billing information. By generating one invoice including all charges across all provided services, you increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Industries such as telecommunications, media, Tolling, telecom, high tech, and postal services have transactional usage volumes from various sources, To maintain competitive differentiation and increase average revenue per user,

The SAP Convergent Invoicing package allows you to generate a single invoice for each customer for all products and services. Additionally, pertinent data is coordinated with accounts receivable for up-to-date account management. You can even differentiate between your own claims and open third-party items to avoid confusion on who owns what.

Consolidating invoicing across multiple billing engines and tightly integrating invoicing with accounts receivable gives you a unified view of each customer, along with increased transparency to meet your financial regulatory obligations. Plus, you can improve your ability to bring new services to market at a cost that satisfies your customers.

The Convergent Invoicing enables customers to:

  • Execute complete mass billing and invoicing business processes.
  • Engage in a variety of post- and prepaid scenarios
  • Submit a single comprehensive bill per customer

Business processes that organizations can execute using the Convergent Invoicing include:

  • Creating master data in SAP ERP/SAP S/4 HANA
  • Propagating EDRs and external billing documents to SAP ERP/S/4 HANA
  • Displaying invoices and EDRs in external systems such as CRM or a point-of-sale (POS) solution
  • Customer self-service scenarios to retrieve data from back-office systems such as unbilled balances, invoices, invoice items, or even individual event data records
  • Processing invoices on demand

The Convergent Invoicing service-enables the billing and invoicing functionality of SAP’s contracts accounts receivable and payable component as well as with third-party applications.

SAP Hybris Billing

SAP HSAP Hybris Billing – System Landscape

hybris system landscape

SAP Hybris Billing Telecom Major Functionalities

Convergent invoices allow companies to present customers with a single bill that summarizes multiple users, multiple events, and sometimes multiple service providers. For example, mobile phone services are typically purchased through a single provider. However, when services from that provider are not available, customers can use the services of a third-party provider through a process referred to as “roaming.” At the end of the month, consumers receive a single invoice even though they may have received service from their primary provider and then other providers as they incurred roaming charges. This single invoice can also include other services such as email, ring tones, and text messaging that may be offered by a number of outlets that contract with the primary service provider. And of course there could be multiple phone lines on a single statement.

At the end of the consumption period, invoices can be presented that include a total for services consumed, along with itemized overviews for individual services.

hybris billing fn

SAP Hybris Billing Electronic Tolling Major Functionalities

hybris tolling fn

Around the world, numerous governments are offering automated toll collection services for private and commercial drivers. In most cases, these services require a transponder/toll tag to be installed in the vehicle so that when it passes through a toll bridge (gantry), the tag is detected by the roadside equipment and transmits a message to update a database with the new service record. Subsequently those events are enriched, checked and standardized in a mediation system. Once the event is standardized, the event is rated and passed to the event data record database, where it is stored. Through the use of the Convergent Invoicing, these billable events (event data records) are aggregated at the end of the billing period and an invoice is created and sent.

hybris solution flow
hybris solution flow

SAP Hybris Billing - Data Flow

hybris dataflow1
hybris dataflow1

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