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Sierra Digital aspires to help clients understand the customer holistically--their lives, attitudes, opinions, and values--and take action on customer input in real time in order to win loyalty in a crowded digital marketplace. As a Qualtrics Network Partner, we employ a full team of CX and EX-certified professionals. 


Blending X & O Data Makes Audience Magic

Cirque du Soleil is known for its mind-bending and groundbreaking in-show performances, but it’s now shining a light on one-of-a-kind pre-show experiences between performers and audiences with an innovative collaboration with Qualtrics & SAP.

Qualtrics: The World's #1 Leading Experience Management Platform

Qualtrics is the world’s first experience management platform, designed to allow you to gather, analyze and act on your core business data.

The best companies in the world today are driven by data. The best companies of tomorrow are driven by experience data. It’s the information behind your data – the ‘why’ behind your sales numbers, leads, employee attrition rates and customer experience scores.

Qualtrics cloud-based software lets your teams access, analyze and share all your data wherever they are, with no hardware or maintenance required.

The Sierra Advantage

Extend The Power of Automation-Rich Productivity Apps To Do More

A Qualtrics partner with deep expertise in automation, integration, and acceleration, Sierra Digital is ready and able to help you install and manage the XM platform. We possess certified EX/CX teams on staff, including sanctioned strategists.

Better yet, we are uniquely positioned to help you extract maximum business value from your Qualtrics investment, thanks to our proprietary OhZone solution.

OhZone blends the advantages of X+O innovation with the advantages of the Qualtrics XM Platform to help companies gain new insights and new ground in relation to both products and people. OhZone in conjunction with Qualtrics releases new breakthroughs: saving time, advancing quality of output, automating processes, and more.

OhZone Demo Videos

OhZone Use Cases

Qualtrics Returns 6X Base Investment in 3 Years & More

An October 2019 Qualtrics-commissioned study,  The Total Economic Impact of Qualtrics CustomerXM, conducted by Forrester Consulting, found that a composite organization, based on Qualtrics customers using the customer experience solution, achieved the following:

633% return on investment over three years.

Benefits equaling $38.4M, with a net present value of $33.2M.

24.5M in improved customer care support and service.

$12.3M in increased customer retention and reduced cost of acquisition.

$1.7M in avoided costs of previous surveys and analytics tools.

A payback period of less than 3 months.


"Through a Qualtrics survey that we were running on our website, we were able to find out what consumers were looking for when they visited...We used this insight to shape our pay per click strategy. The results have been promising, to say the least. Versus 2013 figures, we’ve experienced a 65% increase in click through rate, a 38% increase in cost efficiency, and our program is exceeding click volume goals by 40%."

Brian Lardi, Global Digital Marketing Manager, Shell

Is OhZone-Enhanced Qualtrics Right for You?

Give thought to these questions and the answer will become self-evident:

Is customer and employee data a decision-driver in your organization?

Do you regularly consider survey data when making key decisions?

Does your organization regularly credit employees and customers for contributing to advancements and innovations?

Does your organization have difficulty with churn, or maintaining positive NPS scores?

Do you monitor and measure customer and employee sentiment regularly, and do you take action based on what you hear?

What program or programs are in place to direct improvement to lines of business in real time based on customer and employee feedback you receive?

Qualtrics XM Driven Solutions Resources

In The Experience Economy Brands Need To Adapt Or Die To drive the most relevant customer experience, says AdAge Magazine, the most valuable data the brand can gather comes from the customer themselves.

 A Quick Guide to Understanding the Ultimate Customer Experience Software This quick 10-minute read provides a good top-to-bottom overview of Qualtrics.

The Authoritative Voice of The Customer Guide This 20-page brief spells out how to structure, build, and monitor a best-in-class VoC program, including a run-down on NPS scoring.

Customer Research Insights Fuel Growth E-Book Customer experience leaders see market growth that is 4 to 8% faster than the market average. Download the Qualtrics eBook, 16 Ways to Capture and Capitalize on Customer Insights. You’ll learn research methods to use along the customer lifecycle to capture insights across each stage of the customer experience and attract, retain, and grow relationships.

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Case Studies

Merge X+O Data to Optimize The Employee Experience

Watch how a customer can use Qualtrics data along with SuccessFactors, Concur and finance data in SAP Analytics Cloud to optimize the Employee Experience.

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Back your Business Case with proven success. Qualtrics has published more than 150 Case Studies by company size, industry, and overall customer rating.


Humanizing Digital Experiences 

Join us as Isabelle Zdatny, XM Catalyst for The Qualtrics XM Institute, shares how to humanize digital interactions by replicating the elements of strong human conversations.

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Experience Management in Uncertain Times

 Mission-critical tips for CIOs from SAP & Qualtrics.

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Sierra Digital helps Oil & Gas leader find its TrueNorth

Using SAP Analytics Cloud, Sierra Digital helped an Upstream Global Leader in Oil & Gas discover new riches buried deep in its data.

Toyota Taps Sierra Digital for IFRS16/ASC842 Compliance 

One of the World's Largest Auto Manufacturers turned to Sierra Digital for its expertise in Contract & Lease Management Compliance. The Use Case proves our value.

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