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SAP Analytics Cloud

The Business Challenge

It used to be that businesses who wanted top-drawer analytics were compelled to make considerable investments in technology, including implementation and maintenance of complex hardware and software landscapes and their associated costs, backups, disaster recovery, infrastructure, and more.

Today, there’s a centralized, cloud-based alternative. Sierra Digital recommends TrueNorth , a rapidly-installed packaged service offering anchored around SAP Analytics Cloud. TrueNorth provides a comprehensive set of modern analytics capabilities that work together to analyze data wherever it resides for enterprises of all sizes and across every industry. These solutions offer users on-premise, cloud, and hybrid approaches to help them better understand their business, plan, and predict the future, and simplify and transform the enterprise in the digital age.

What Differentiates TrueNorth

TrueNorth, which delivers SAP Analytics to your organization, stands out in several important ways. With it, you can:

  • Enable live, in-the-moment, data-driven decision-making across your business, from the shop floor to top floor
  • Have all the analytics capabilities you need at your fingertips, including data discovery and visualization, predictive analysis, planning, and reporting
  • Leverage embedded smart and predictive capabilities to identify patterns you may have missed – without relying on a data scientist
  • Deliver intuitive and engaging information personalized for each individual and on any device
  • Be ready (future-proof) for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data analytics Trusted data discovery.

Key Benefits

  • No Infrastructure Maintenance costs
  • Faster Implementation Timelines
  • Increased productivity due to real insights of data
  • Improved accuracy as the data, in real time, is a single Source of Truth

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