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Web Services Testing

Web Services Testing

Service-oriented Architectures (SOA) comprise loosely coupled software services. In a SOA environment, resources on a network are made available as independent services that can be accessed without knowledge of their underlying platform implementation.

Web services are the individual units of business logic in SOA. These are loosely coupled and the consumer of a web service is not tied to that Web service directly. Web services serve multiple consumers at any point of time, increasing data and security issues. Traditional testing approaches and tools fail in providing high test coverage, consistency, repeatability, and time-to-market, because of the very nature of Web services.

Sierra Digital Inc, with its extensive experience in testing Web services and micro services, has developed a highly effective method that adopts a break-and-test approach for Web services. The key is to break the complex Web services and their interactions into smaller and more manageable components and apply top-down (consumer side) and bottom-up (provider side) testing, integrated with an industry-standard testing toolset to improve productivity and optimize quality costs.

Our test strategy brings in a mix of functional, integration, performance, security, interoperability, and governance aspects of web services. This approach has enabled our customers to detect defects early in the lifecycle, and save effort and costs.

Key Features

  • Technology Migration (e.g., API to Web Services) Assurance: This includes component testing of integrations, business testing, performance testing, interoperability testing, compliance testing, and security testing.
  • Complete Test Coverage Assurance for New Development for all areas of Web services including:
    • Functional testing as per the service description document for technical and business requirements
    • Non-functional testing for performance, security, and interoperability
    • Governance and compliance testing for validating conformance to standards

The Sierra Digital Inc Advantage

  • Extensive experience in testing web services and micro services using both commercial and Open Source tools
  • Service virtualization expertise for testing services earlier in software development lifecycle
  • Expertise in automation of all Web service test cases in both Open Source and commercial tools
  • Ready-to-use testing toolkits comprising specialized tools, test design techniques like pair-wise testing and risk-based testing, frameworks, utilities, templates, accelerators, methodologies, and process handbooks that enable testing cost optimization and ensure high quality
  • Ready-to-use solution developed for integrating Open Source SOA testing tool sets with commercial test management tools to establish traceability

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