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Azure Cloud Migration

The Business Challenges

Companies who run SAP on premise are faced with critical challenges, including:

  • Delivering new capabilities to the business on tight IT budgets
  • Planning the right level of hardware capacity (overprovisioning to support peak volume periods, leading to underutilization at other periods of the year)
  • Releasing new or updated SAP software

To address these challenges, the predominant trend in business today is migration to the cloud. With a cloud model, IT investments shift from capex to opex.

At Sierra Digital, we partner with Microsoft and SAP to help companies migrate to the Azure Cloud. Our BlueSky solution offers an increased ability for organizations to rapidly spin up instances, delivering capabilities to business faster, with the agility and flex of Microsoft’s secure infrastructure and business software.

What Differentiates BlueSky

Sierra Digital is a preferred provider of Data Integration and Predictive Analytics, featuring operations centers in the United States, Canada, [fgfg[India, and Malaysia. Our company’s global reach assures high-quality account management 24/7/365.

Additionally, we are a preferred vendor for Azure migrations thanks to the following:

  • Trusted partnerships with both SAP and Microsoft, each of involves multi-level, multi-varied on-staff certifications
  • Enterprise-wide emphasis on Acceleration and Automation, thus assuring rapid migration using best-methods templates
  • Qualtrics-informed heatmapping from as-is to future state, so that key stakeholder input and key issues are understood as part of the digital transformation process

Key Benefits

  • Pay for what you use; done pay for hardware, software & space that you don’t use
  • Agile and scalable (SAP releases & upgrades faster)
  • Reallocate staff who managed SAP so they can make a difference elsewhere
  • Azure offers critical advantages over traditional infrastructure for essential applications including SAP
  • Plus so much more…


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