Get Future Ready With Sierra

SAP's Business Technology Platform (BTP) avails you the ability to keep your Core Code sustainably clean, unleash the full power of your data, and much more. Tap the experts at Sierra, SAP's BTP App Innovation Station, to gain a host of future-ready advantages.

Get Cloud Ready

SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) is an early-access pass to the cloud advantages – like AI – that are reshaping the way we do business. At Sierra, we’re embedding innovative AI features into all of our solutions, and with our BTP apps, which can be tailored to your business requirements in as little as six weeks, you’ll achieve use case-specific enhancements to lines of business across the organization.

What Is Cloud Ready?  

SAP’s AI offerings, and other cutting-edge tools, are available exclusively through cloud services. SAP’s Business Technology Platform is the fastest path to the cloud, and Sierra’s dual assessments, for code and data, help you get BTP ready the fastest.

The AI Promise

SAP promises to make AI relevant, reliable, and responsible. Sierra doubles this commitment with our own mission to simplify, enhance, and extend your SAP technologies. Together, Sierra and SAP commit to helping you move confidently towards a future defined by cloud advantages like AI.

Relevance: Drive immediate business impact with AI embedded across your organization.

Reliability: Make confident decisions based on AI grounded in your business data.

Responsibility: Put AI into practice with the highest ethical, security, and privacy

Simplicity: Save time and money with error-free automations that reduce manual labor and simplify business processes.

Extensibility: Meet growing demand, achieve scalability, and seize new opportunities, extending the worth of your SAP investment.

Enhancement: Get the data you need to drive business value with natural language insights.

The Endgame: Attending 4 Core Pillars of Value Differentiation

Getting to a Future-Ready State involves leveraging cloud technology to realize major advancements across 4 domains, from Data Management to Analytics and Business Process Optimization.

To get to a Future-Ready End State, an enterprise must first assess Data Readiness for BTP consumption, plus create a roadmap for Clean Core Conversion. At Sierra, we make these first steps simple.

Achieve All of the Above With BTP

Sierra Digital’s expertise in SAP can help companies become future-ready by embracing a range of tools and functionalities to support agility, innovation, and digital transformation. Here are some ways Sierra Digital can help companies adopt use SAP to become a future-ready enterprise:

✓ Embrace SAP's intelligent Suite

✓ Adopt SAP's Cloud Platform (BTP)

✓ Leverage SAP's Data Management capabilities

✓ Implement SAP's Mobility Solutions

✓ Emphasize Sustainability

In summary, Sierra along with SAP provides a range of solutions and services that can help companies become future-ready by enhancing their agility, innovation, and digital capabilities. By adopting these solutions, companies can improve their competitiveness, customer value, and long-term sustainability.

“AI has the potential to disrupt your entire business model.”

Christian Klein, CEO, SAP

FCC Primes their
Enterprise for BTP Transformation

Sierra’s InFocus Readiness Assessments revealed over 50 BTP use cases to enhance processes like container weighing, transport tracking, and technician timesheets. Sierra is now positioned to help FCC build low-code apps on BTP that reduce custom coding and simplify interactions.

BTP Brings
Savings to Energy Transfer

Energy Transfer sought to automate processess and eliminate unnecessary tasks. Now, with BTP-based solutions from Sierra, the analysts at Energy Transfer are saving up to 60 hours each month, allowing them to devote more of their time to value-driving tasks.

Hess Redesigns Owner Relations
with BTP-based Solutions from Sierra

Hess is a leading shale oil and gas producer, with more than 19,000 Royalty Owners. And with the Owner Relations Portal, a BTP-based solution from Sierra, those Owners can now manage their information from the comfort of a user-friendly portal.

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