Simplify and enhance business processes with AI-
enhanced tools built for best-practices in Energy

The SAP BTP App Suite for All Your Energy Software Optimization Needs

The EnerBridge App Suite, available now on the SAP Store, provides a connective shell around core and common SAP industry-specific modules, such as SAP Production and Revenue Accounting (PRA), Joint Venture Accounting (JVA), and more.

The solution offers end users a simplified, enhanced, user-specific interface. Automation of redundant task sets. Read/write direct to SAP in real time from any device. And more.

One Platform Leveraging Tech's
Most Promising Cloud Breakthroughs

Harness the new and emerging promises of cloud technology, including limitless automation capability, prescriptive and predictive analytics, powerful AI, and limitless connectivity to your preferred data sources and third-party apps.

All of the above (and more) are made possible with apps developed and delivered on SAP's Business Technology platform, the easiest, friendliest way to interact with SAP.

Available in a Full Array of
Best-Practice Based Frameworks

Low Code/No Code App Frameworks, easily tailored to your unique business processes, accelerate implementation.

"Cross-industry BTP apps
pioneered by Sierra are game-changers.”

Dave Maloney, VP, BTP Everywhere, SAP

Use Case Study: Energy Transfer Revolutionizes Capital Projects & Accounting Leveraging BTP

One Day 1 of its launch, thousands of Well Owners rushed to enjoy self-serve conveniences on Hess’ new Owner Relations Portal. But CX improvement’s only half the story. Self-serve is simultaneously freeing up CSMs to engage in high-worth tasks. Contact for a full walk-through of the Hess success store.

Exclusive: Rapid Dual Assessments Make BTP Readiness Simple

InFocus Code and Data Readiness Assessments rapidly reveal exactly what an enterprise—whether running ECC or S/4—needs to consider to become ideally positioned for BTP and Datasphere initiatives of all kinds. 

Upon completion, you’ll own a roadmap for achieving a future-ready Clean Core and Single-Sourced Truth. Plus, the Assessments reveal use cases where  BTP can offer significant productivity increases while minimizing cost and risk.

Contact us today to learn about our free 5-day topline assessments, or for deep-dive assessment quote.


3 BTP Use Case Successes in One!

See how Sierra is revolutionizing AP, AR, and Capital Project Reporting at North America's leading midstream enterprise. This 30-minute case study, Optimizing Capital Projects with App Innovations Delivered on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), was showcased at SAP's Newtown Square HQ, and in Phoenix.



Inquire about this exclusive BTP training session taught by experts from SAP and Sierra Digital. 

FCC Primes their Enterprise for BTP Transformation

Sierra’s InFocus Readiness Assessments revealed over 50 BTP use cases to enhance processes like container weighing, transport tracking, and technician timesheets. Sierra is now positioned to help FCC build low-code apps on BTP that reduce custom coding and simplify interactions.

BTP Brings Savings to Energy Transfer

Energy Transfer sought to automate processess and eliminate unnecessary tasks. Now, with BTP-based solutions from Sierra, the analysts at Energy Transfer are saving up to 60 hours each month, allowing them to devote more of their time to value-driving tasks.

Hess Redesigns Owner Relations with BTP-based Solutions from Sierra

Hess is a leading shale oil and gas producer, with more than 19,000 Royalty Owners. And with the Owner Relations Portal, a BTP-based solution from Sierra, those Owners can now manage their information from the comfort of a user-friendly portal.

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