New Sources of Energy Demand New Technologies to Govern The Industry

As sources of energy evolve, it becomes more and more important for utilities to realize the importance of transforming to become intelligent enterprises.

Evolution to The Intelligent Utility

In lockstep with SAP, Sierra Digital promotes 3 concepts of intelligent transformation:

  • Automated and Assisted Business Process Execution
  • Real-Time, Predictive and Retrospective Business Insights
  • Innovative Business Models and Agility

Learn more, with insights from Miguel Gaspar Silva, SAP's Industry Business Unit lead for Utilities.

Case Histories

Eneco: Making a Cloud-First Strategy a Reality with the SAP Business Technology Platform Integration Service

Applying the right integration platform can facilitate a rapid change and make a genuine step toward a cloud-first strategy. See how a major European utility made it happen.

Drilling for New Riches With SAC

Learn how SAP Analytics Cloud is helping an Oil & Gas company drill for untapped wealth in its labor force. They're reducing labor cost while simultaneously increasing production revenue by finding the best talent for the job using Predictive Analytics in SAC's Intelligent Suite.

"Utilities need to reinvent how they serve customers. There are emerging technologies to support a grid business construct centered on a new service proposition for energy customers. We sit and we wait for a miracle. No, a miracle is an opportunity and a miracle requires hard work.

Michael Liebreich, Advisory Board Chairman, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Featured Solutions In Utilities

Explore our pre-packaged solutions for a range of business processes across industries to build an intelligent digital enterprise.

Azure Cloud Migration

Learn why Microsoft Azure is the trusted path for Utilities to enterprise-ready innovation in the cloud—bringing the intelligence, security, and reliability of Azure to your SAP applications.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Utilities teams are telling compelling strategic stories using data from an array of sources using custom dashboards available in SAC. Plug-n-play simple, but amazingly dynamic, the technology revolutionizes the ability to relay insights through visualization.

Qualtrics Driven XM

Utilities companies are using Qualtrics XM Platform as a Customer Service tool, to gather data from the field, then take direct action on it with seamless ease.

Valued Clients In Public Utilities

Our footprint in the industry is vast. Here are just a few of the clients we've served recently.

Sierra Digital helps Oil & Gas leader find its TrueNorth

Using SAP Analytics Cloud, Sierra Digital helped an Upstream Global Leader in Oil & Gas discover new riches buried deep in its data.

Toyota Taps Sierra Digital for IFRS16/ASC842 Compliance 

One of the World's Largest Auto Manufacturers turned to Sierra Digital for its expertise in Contract & Lease Management Compliance. The Use Case proves our value.

Download Our Latest WhitePaper: This Edition on CLM

Read our White Paper to learn more about Sierra Digital's full scope of thought on Contract and Lease Administration, including our Methodology, Toolware and Accelerators.

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