Trust Your Digital Future
to S/4 HANA on the
Microsoft Azure Cloud

At Sierra Digital, we partner with Microsoft and SAP to help companies migrate to the Azure Cloud. Our BlueSky solution offers an increased ability for organizations to rapidly spin up instances, delivering capabilities to business faster, with the agility and flex of Microsoft’s secure infrastructure and business software.

SAP S/4 HANA on Azure: 

Built On Decades of Experience

Microsoft and SAP each trust their own operations to S/4 HANA on Azure. This means you can do the same with confidence. 

You can benefit from a joint ecosystem that brings unique insights and rich product integration to make the most of running SAP solutions in the cloud—accelerating your performance, productivity, and innovation with seamless enterprise-class support.   

Confidence In The Now Moment

The trusted path to enterprise-ready innovation in the cloud—bringing the intelligence, security, and reliability of Azure to your SAP applications. 

Rich with features and benefits, the world is fast turning to cloud computing for four key reasons:

  • Lower cost
  • Increased productivity
  • Global scale
  • Increased security

Among those considering migration, Microsoft Azure--thanks to its alliance with SAP--offers a powerful and compelling business case as the most sensible destination of all.

SAP continues to deliver even amidst the current crisis, showing that the Intelligent Enterprise is more relevant than ever.

Christian Klein, CEO, SAP

Key Benefits of SAP on Azure

Largest compliance profile with over 85 offerings, including tools for GDPR.

Global support of over 50+ Azure regions to keep your business running. 

The ability to bring your own SAP license, reduce capital expenses, and monitor costs. 

Development and testing environments on a scalable, high-fidelity, on-demand infrastructure. 

Advanced threat protection and single-sign-on (SSO) with multi-factor authentication. 

Enables executives to transform meetings from static presentations to completely interactive discussions based on live data.

The Sierra Advantage

Why Partner With Sierra Digital for Azure Migration?

Sierra Digital's BlueSky solution offers an increased ability for organizations to rapidly spin up instances, delivering capabilities to business faster, with the agility and flex of Microsoft’s secure infrastructure and business software. 

We are distinct in offering Azure Migration with these advantages:

  • Certified Microsoft Enterprise Architects (AZ300 and AZ301) and Certified SAP HANA & SAP OS/DB Migration Certified Architects on staff
  • Automation Platform to manage SAP landscapes in the Azure Cloud, white labelled as Symphony, enabling one-touch
    provisioning, monitoring, and automation routines
  • Heavily vested in helping customers migrate their SAP workload to Azure Cloud only

Azure Migration:
A Walk-Through

Sierra Digital Chief Technology Officer Venkata Arikirevula walks through Azure migration and Project Embrace as the bedrock of a successful Digital Transformation.


Total Economic Impact is Proof Positive for Azure

Learn about real-life financial impacts and business benefits companies experienced by moving SAP workloads to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

This Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Microsoft provides a detailed analysis of return on investment and other outcomes experienced by actual customers migrating their SAP estates to Azure. 

A projected return on investment of 102 percent over three years.

A payback on their Azure investment in just 9 months.

Reduced time to market for SAP releases worth USD 3.3 million.

$7.2 million realized in legacy infrastructure cost savings. 

“This partnership is all about reducing complexity and minimizing costs for customers as they move to SAP S/4HANA in the cloud. Bringing together the power of SAP and Microsoft provides customers with the assurance of working with two industry leaders so they can confidently and efficiently transition into intelligent enterprises.” 

Jennifer Morgan, Co-CEO, SAP

Is BlueSky from Sierra Digital Right for You?

If a cloud solution is something you've thought about, you may be asking yourself questions like these. At Sierra Digital, we'd be delighted to engage you in conversation, because we think you'll love the answers we can offer you.

Are you looking to save money?

Do you need more agility?

Do you know what assets you can move to the cloud vs. which ones need to remain on premise?

Is a cloud solution secure enough to meet your requirements?

Will a cloud solution save on staffing resources in the long run?

How disruptive will it be to integrate a cloud solution with your existing systems?

Azure Cloud Migration Resources

SAP on Azure–Designing for Efficiency and Operations Robust SAP on Azure Architectures are built on the pillars of Security, Performance and Scalability, Availability and Recoverability, and Efficiency and Operations. Within this blog, Philip Tan, Senior Program Manager from Microsoft's SAP on Azure CAT team, covers a range of Azure services and a new GitHub repository which can support operational efficiencies for your SAP applications running on Azure.

SAP on Azure Architecture - Designing for Security This is the first in a four-part blog series on designing a great SAP on Azure Architecture, and will focus on designing for security. The blog is authored by Ravi Alwani, Senior Program Manager at Azure.

Disaster recovery for SAP HANA Systems on Azure This blog covers the design, technology, and recommendations for setting up disaster recovery (DR) for an enterprise customer to achieve best in class recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) with an SAP S/4 HANA landscape. The blog was authored by Rajeev Menon, Cloud Solution Architect at Azure.

Case Studies

Daimler Entrusts Global Procurement System to Azure

Daimler AG reduced operational costs by 50 percent and increased agility by spinning up resources on-demand in 30 minutes with SAP S/4HANA and Azure, empowering 400,000 global suppliers.

More Azure Use Cases

Microsoft has published a variety of Use Cases based on successful migrations. Access them here.

FCC Primes their Enterprise for BTP Transformation

Sierra’s InFocus Readiness Assessments revealed over 50 BTP use cases to enhance processes like container weighing, transport tracking, and technician timesheets. Sierra is now positioned to help FCC build low-code apps on BTP that reduce custom coding and simplify interactions.

BTP Brings Savings to Energy Transfer

Energy Transfer sought to automate processess and eliminate unnecessary tasks. Now, with BTP-based solutions from Sierra, the analysts at Energy Transfer are saving up to 60 hours each month, allowing them to devote more of their time to value-driving tasks.

Hess Redesigns Owner Relations with BTP-based Solutions from Sierra

Hess is a leading shale oil and gas producer, with more than 19,000 Royalty Owners. And with the Owner Relations Portal, a BTP-based solution from Sierra, those Owners can now manage their information from the comfort of a user-friendly portal.

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