Sierra Digital acquires  Stonebridge Consulting

Acquisition doubles corporation capacity to deliver best-in-class enterprise tech solutions in Energy and beyond 

Acquisition doubles corporation capacity to deliver best-in-class Enterprise App Solutions in Energy and beyond

(February 2, 2021—Houston, TX): Sierra Digital, Inc., Houston-based specialists in Digital Transformation, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Stonebridge Consulting, a privately held business advisory and technology solutions provider to the Energy sector. Terms of the deal  were undisclosed. 

The two best-in-class technology solutions and advisory services providers, each with impressive asset portfolios, create a combined resource base that will offer customers a superior investment choice for sustainable performance and future returns.  


 Key benefits include:

  • Compelling combination of size, best-in-class assets, financial strength, and operating capability with scale and relevance to the Energy industry
  • Significant cost and capital savings to drive uplift in value: sustainable cost structure improvement and an enhanced ability to drive future product development initiatives
  • Proven technical and operational expertise across the combined portfolio to unlock value, adopting a “Best Practices” approach that demonstrate learnings and added value to the marketplace
  • Ability to deliver end-to-end consulting engagements that generate measurable improvements in F&D, CAPEX, OPEX, Reserves and G&A, and that reduce project costs and timelines by as much as 50%

The acquisition of Stonebridge by privately held Sierra Digital includes both product and service offerings, according to Senthil Kumar, CEO of Sierra Digital. “We are extremely impressed with the innovations brought to market by the Energy experts at Stonebridge,” Kumar said. “The firm’s deep expertise in Energy operations, business strategy, changement management and process optimization; solution accelerators such as Peloton®Ready; core products like EnerHubTM, and EnerPubSM. and service offerings such as Supply Chain Management and SmartSource Managed Services offer excellent ways for customers to transform their business. Combined now with a host of Analytics, Experience Management, X+O Integration, and Workflow Management tools pioneered by Sierra, our two organizations are now uniquely positioned to double the value to customers.”

“Just as the world must develop more sustainable ways of adapting to a changing environment and its ecosystems, technologists must embrace the same seismic shift in the way we approach business,” said James Ivy, CEO of Stonebridge Consulting. “At the heart of the shift, we know that changing customer experience expectations are driving the need for continuous process and technology optimization initiatives across the business lifecycle—in oil and gas, power generation and utilities, and emerging renewables Energy. Together, Stonebridge and Sierra Digital offer unparalleled combined team expertise in the Energy sector. Plus, customers will have a direct pipeline to process and technology improvement solutions endorsed by SAP, Microsoft, and Qualtrics, as these world-class companies are longtime alliance partners of Sierra Digital.”

Kumar, who will serve as CEO of both entities, explained that Sierra Digital’s premier innovation, OhZoneTM, is a cloud-based flexible workflow platform augmented with automation, analytics, and XM capability. “We custom-engineered OhZone to save enterprises time and money by making people work smarter, simpler, more efficient, and more customer-focused,” he continued. “Because OhZone integrates Experience (X) and Operations (O) Data, and seamlessly connects to existing workflow ecosystems, including specialized platforms like EnerHub and Peloton, it offers the enterprise a unified system for listening, innovating, and successfully implementing optimization initiatives in every business discipline.” Current OhZone implementations confirm overall savings across multiple projects of greater than 50%, he said.

Leadership continuity for Stonebridge will be maintained following the acquisition, said Kumar. Adam Hutchinson continues as President, and William (BJ) Cummings leads the Products Division. Amy Moore remains the firm’s lead of Business Development, and Leo Oei heads its Supply Chain Management Services group. Adria Sprigler leads the Business and Technology Practice, and Dawn Guyse heads up the SmartSource Managed Services Practice.

Stonebridge will explore the deep value of today’s announcement on Thursday, February 25, by staging a webinar titled, “Doubling Business Value in Energy.” The webinar will be hosted by Shailendra Kumar, VP of Innovation at SAP, and feature Geoffrey Cann, a leading voice of Digital Transformation in Energy. Senthil Kumar and Adam Hutchinson will also join as panelists. The event will take place at 12pm Central Time. Enterprise leaders in Energy can register for the free event at

 About Sierra Digital

Sierra Digital is a Digital Transformation leader in Automation, Acceleration, and X+O Integration. The company helps clients realize measurable business advancements in the areas of Finance, Data & Analytics, Compliance, and Cloud Adoption. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, Sierra maintains operations in the U.S. and Asia, and employs 350+ consultants with ever-advancing technology certifications. The firm serves more than 150 clients in a variety of industries, including Oil & Gas and the Public Sector. Its premier partners include SAP, Microsoft, and Qualtrics.

 About Stonebridge Consulting

Stonebridge Consulting delivers operational excellence to the energy industry, backed by 100% domain focus, deep expertise, and reusable project IP and solution accelerators, including Peloton®Ready, EnerHub™ and EnerPubSM. We help customers deliver projects faster, generating measurable improvements in operational efficiency and saving delivery time and costs by as much as 50%. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, the firm maintains offices in Houston, Denver, Tulsa, and Sydney, Australia.

Congratulated to executive leadership of Sierra Digital and Stonebridge Consulting, several of whom are pictured here. Sierra Digital announced the acquisition of Stonebridge on February 2, 2021

doubling world class tech solution delivery capacity in Energy. From left to right are Maya Bava, Caleb Cummings, Joy Jarrell Talk, Leo Oei, Amy Moore, Venkata Arikirevula, Dawn Guyse, Adria Sprigler, Senthil Kumar, and Adam Hutchinson.

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