Accelerate Central Finance Consolidation

Sierra Digital specializes in delivering rapid Central Finance Consolidation enabling organizations to achieve a Single Source of Truth as they prepare for major Digital Transformation initiatives. 

Reimagine Finance and Accelerate Business Transformation

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Finance Integration accelerates business transformation. Get an introduction to the ideal here.

Gain Instant Insight To Drive Strategic Decision-Making

SAP S/4HANA supplies instant insight to enable timely and relevant decisions, with no lag time. You are assured enterprise-wide consistency with minimized errors that need to be reconciled. Thus, you can evaluate the financial implications of strategic business decisions with confidence.

SAP S/4HAHA Central Finance promises:

  • Lower cost by centralizing processes and reducing source system maintenance
  • Ensures a single version of truth by outsourcing individual processes to shared services centers
  • Re-engineers closing process for fast closing
  • Provides financial transactions in real time without any disruptions
  • Leverages centrally staged data for consolidation activities
  • Advanced segment, entity and group reporting
  • Business model, user front end  agnostic
  • Process centralization (cross-org, shared services) leading to economies of scale
  • Embedded planning and real-time consolidation
  • Scalable local and central process execution
  • No need for reconciliation between CO and FI

The Sierra Advantage

We StreamLine & Automate CFin Consolidation

Sierra Digital's StreamLine package takes time and cost out of the Central Finance Transformation process using these proprietary solution features:

  • Streamline's SAPconnect tool enables seamless replication of SAP and non-SAP systems into Central Finance, dramatically accelerating implementation.
  • Customized AIF Error Analytics program quantifies the investment in CFIN error management over a period of time, saving hundreds of hours of manual labor by preventing accumulations in the error queue.
  • Streamline's Reconciliation Reports ensure accuracy of data replicated in a complex environment of multiple SAP and non-SAP systems.
  •  Streamline's RPA Error Handling Switchboard automatically detects and resolves replication errors with minimal manual intervention, reducing ongoing operational cost.

Sierra Partners With BlackLine To Enhance SAP S/4HANA

BlackLine's Account Reconciliation, Automation & Matching enhances SAP S/4HANA deployments by simplifying the substantiation process at close. The savings of time and cost have made BlackLine a preferred SAP partner worldwide.

Follow BlackLine's blog series to learn helpful tips on each of its S/4HANA complements and enhancements.

"SAP S/4HANA is a game changer. It changed my role and contribution as a VP in my company—I’m more involved in solving business problems. It changed the efficiency of our technology team by making us more efficient. It also changed the experience of our end users. They don’t know why run times are faster and previous problems are gone, but they appreciate how things are working and are accomplishing more in their workday.” 

VP of Technology

7 Key Benefits Driven by Central Finance Consolidation

In 2019, SAP commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study of 110 customers who use S/4HANA. The report identified 7 top benefits of the technology, which is anchored around Central Finance.

Increased Revenue, Net Profit & New Business Offerings

New functionality enabled by S/4HANA helped grow revenue by an average of 5.8% over a 3-year span while profits rose accordingly.

Increased Customer Retention Rates

Transparency improved turnover rates, on average, by 6% and reduced churn by 4.1%.

Increased End User Productivity Due To Reduced Run Times

Fifty-three percent of those surveyed experienced reduced run times; more than a third said it increased employee productivity.

Avoided Cost of Previously Licensed Software & Hardware

The report found that a typical company was able to retire $200,000 of software and maintenance costs in the second year and $400,000 in the third.

Increased Productivity of IT Organization Employees

Sixty-two percent of respondents reported productivity gains of 5% or more by transitioning workloads away from license management.

Accelerated Cash Flow Managing Customer Orders

By managing delivery faster, customers pay faster.

Accelerated Collections Due to Simplified Accounting Capabilities

By improving transaction capabilities in the accounting processes, cycles are reduced and the cost of doing business is minimized.

Read the full SAP Report on Impact of S/4HANA

Is StreamLine Right for You?

Give thought to these questions and the answer will become self-evident:

Can you envision how finance can drive innovation and strategic decision-making in your organization?

Does your analytics provide a consolidated view of financials for all entities for decision making?

Are you able to visualize your end state of finance transformation as a first step to S/4 implementation?

Does your current landscape support data connectivity between various ERP systems and non-ERP systems.

Can your current ERP system support mergers and acquisitions with minimum disruption to the current business?

Do you have tools to connect non-ERP systems to S/4 HANA without customer development?

Can your central financial data be reconciled with source ERP and non-ERP systems?

Do you have analytics from financial planning and consolidation?

Are you able to accelerate your centralized financial processes and set up shared services in your current environment?

Central Finance Consolidation Resources

Understand How Central Finance Helps You Innovate See Central Finance from the perspective of its audience, and learn how it provides a clear path toward innovations without the need for a traditional upgrade.

Pre-Planning Tips on Implementing Central Finance Learn tips to help you prepare well in advance for a Central Finance implementation. Covers system requirements, resource planning, delta configuration, key processes supported by SAP and those not supported as of S/4HANA Finance 1605.

Central Finance as an S/4HANA Approach Central Finance is an S/4HANA system by itself. Make full use of it to drive Profitability Analysis and deliver mission critical Value Scenarios.

Case Studies

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