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SAP’s AI Strategy is 3-part, layering Joule, embedded AI capabilities, and BTP atop partnerships with leading AI developers and the world’s finest reservoir of business data.

SAP BTP consists of several interconnected advanced-capability toolkits that, together, seize foremost cloud computing advantages.

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You saw it at Sapphire, and it’s flooding your inbox: AI is everywhere. We’re all watching the value of NVIDIA – whose hardware supports AI – soar to unbelievable heights. We see OpenAI in the news every day, and we see it’s competitors – companies like Meta, Microsoft, and SAP – racing to close the gap with AI offerings of their own.​

Every day, AI gains speed, and new, potent AI capabilities are constantly hitting the market. Already, powerful AI chatbots are available for free to the consumer, and AI-enhanced video games, movies, other consumer products are hitting the shelves. It poses the question: How will AI add value to the enterprise, and how will SAP respond to the market’s demand for AI solutions?

SAP’s AI Strategy

SAP has defined its AI strategy as 3-part, drawing upon Joule (a chatbot), SAP Business Technology Platform, and embedded AI capabilities. And across all three of these domains, SAP continues to announce fast-growing innovation and expanding opportunity for the enterprise.​</span

Just this month, at Sapphire, SAP announced Joule’s integration with Microsoft 365. Already, Joule could reach deep into SAP products, performing up to 80% of tasks in solutions like SAP SuccessFactors. But now, Joule can move between solutions provided by Microsoft and SAP, unifying a huge number of the different technologies that enable modern-day business. Now, Joule can book a flight using SAP Concur and block a calendar appropriately in Microsoft Outlook, or Joule can summarize the actionable goals of a Microsoft Teams meeting and assign tasks by utilizing the skillsets assigned to each team member in SuccessFactors.

The SAP Business Technology Platform allows customers to pick-and-choose use case-specific advantages like these, rapidly building low-code/no-code apps to alleviate specific pain points. SAP BTP is an early-access pass to cloud advantages like AI. While these powerful tools are available exclusively through cloud services, with BTP accelerators like InFocus, a line of assessments from Sierra made free to customers by sponsorship from SAP, customers can get AI advantages on BTP in a matter of weeks.

But Philipp Herzig, Chief AI Officer at SAP, says, “Business AI means, first and foremost, that we are embedding AI into our business applications – supply chain, finance, HR, procurement, travel and expenses – and various other business processes.” Across the enterprise, in every application, AI will deliver reliable, relevant, responsible business advantage.

AI Innovations from Sierra

And within Sierra’s applications, too, embedded AI capabilities are bringing new value to lines of business across the enterprise. As an SAP Lighthouse partner, Sierra is among the first SAP developers to gain access to new AI tools, and already, Sierra is piloting new AI features across 9 of our premier, productivity-enhancing BTP apps.

OhZone Smart Budgeting & Forecasting, one of the first BTP apps to be certified by SAP’s esteemed Integration & Certification Center, is a budgeting tool built for Finance leaders, and now, embedded AI capabilities are bringing additional cost and time savings to this popular solution. With the recent AI enhancements made to OhZone Smart Budgeting & Forecasting, users can easily customize workflows and budget approval processes to their unique business requirements, with multi-user, multi-level approval sequences, and forms, too, can be tailored to specialized needs with OhZoneSBF’s dynamic form builder. And OhZoneSBF now provides natural language insights through integration to SAC Just Ask, simplifying the sophisticated data needed for planning and forecasting. ​

Sierra’s four product lines – InFocus, OhZone, EnerBridge, and ORBit – are all set to gain AI capabilities in the coming months. ORBit Business Partner Automation, part of Sierra’s line of Data Management solutions, is already saving customers time and money with integration to SAP Document Information Extractor Premium, an AI service that allows ORBitBPA to automatically populate and validate Business Partner forms. ORBitBPA eliminates the manual process of moving between PDFs to collect and verify Business Partner information. Now, this critical data can be drawn from documents and delivered to the appropriate Business Partner forms with error-free results.​

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FCC Primes their Enterprise for BTP Transformation

Sierra’s InFocus Readiness Assessments revealed over 50 BTP use cases to enhance processes like container weighing, transport tracking, and technician timesheets. Sierra is now positioned to help FCC build low-code apps on BTP that reduce custom coding and simplify interactions.

BTP Brings Savings to Energy Transfer

Energy Transfer sought to automate processess and eliminate unnecessary tasks. Now, with BTP-based solutions from Sierra, the analysts at Energy Transfer are saving up to 60 hours each month, allowing them to devote more of their time to value-driving tasks.

Hess Redesigns Owner Relations with BTP-based Solutions from Sierra

Hess is a leading shale oil and gas producer, with more than 19,000 Royalty Owners. And with the Owner Relations Portal, a BTP-based solution from Sierra, those Owners can now manage their information from the comfort of a user-friendly portal.

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